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Gear up for Fulton County's Premier Summer Event

4.5 miles of activities celebrating culture and connectivity across Johnstown and Gloversville, New York. Trek the trail and enjoy live music, art displays, environmentally-based activities, food trucks, and more. Tour our historic downtown districts and learn about life in Fulton County.

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Top Tier Talent

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Set up shop

Claim your strategic spot across the 4.5 mile footprint of the FJ&G ThoroughFair retail space. Find focused vendor spaces to sell goods and provide services.

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Fulton County's Premier Summer 2022 Activity

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FJG Thorough Fair Logo-04.png
FJG Thorough Fair Logo-04.png

Promote yourself

Showcase your company's commitment to the community through exclusive FJ&G ThoroughFair Sponsorship opportunities. Choose from 5 different levels of support to help underwrite the success of the event.


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