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Our Purpose...

The purpose of the FG&J ThoroughFair is to strengthen community relationships between Johnstown and Gloversville by utilizing the FJ&G Rail Trail as a stage for activities that embody 4 shared community values: Recreation, History, Art, and Environment.

The FJ&G ThoroughFair will be an all-day festival along the Fulton County FJ&G rail trail, featuring art, music, environment, and history.

The concept, created by James Hannahs, Downtown Gloversville Specialist and Jessica Henry McClements, DJBPA President and small business owner (McLemon’s) will encompass the history of the rail trail to be accompanied with local talent and family fun. Both agencies consulted the help of various organizations to build a comprehensive planning committee including Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, Cities of Johnstown and Gloversville, Fulton County Planning Department, Fulton County Historian, Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown Area Music, and other residents and businesses.

“The ThoroughFair event is meant to showcase the connectivity between Fulton County’s sister cities,” commented Ron Peters, President/CEO of Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. “We are fortunate to have a strong team together to properly strengthen the community’s relationship with the FJ&G Rail Trail.”

The Bookending locations are the Trail Station Park in Downtown Gloversville and the Charles Jenner Memorial Bandshell in Downtown Johnstown. The 4.5-mile stretch will host specific “stations” throughout, and feature music, artists, historians, and environmental specialists.  Food vendors will be on site and transportation will also be available.

Rail Trail History...

The Fonda, Johnstown, and Gloversville Railroad (FJ&G) was formerly a 132-mile steam engine and electric interurban railroad that connected its namesake towns in east-central NYS to Schenectady, New York. From 1870 to the 1980s the FJ&G operated carrying workers, salesmen, and executives of glove manufacturing companies in the area to the New York Central (NYC) station at Schenectady. Passenger service was abandoned in 1938 and freight continued for several decades before it was taken over by the Delaware and Otsego Railroad and later abandoned. In the late 1990s, the Rail Trail has was established for recreational purposes connecting Gloversville and Johnstown. Efforts are underway to connect it to the Fulton County Visitor Center in Vails Mills.

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FJG Thorough Fair Logo-04.png
FJG Thorough Fair Logo-04.png

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